About the Founders

Hello, my name is Charlotte Roberts. My husband, Hugh, and I have been married 34 years. We have a business, Cherokee Landing, on Cedar Creek Lake. We have owned the business for 17 years. Both Hugh and I were raised in Christian homes so we have always been very active in our churches. Hugh has taught youth Sunday School for years and has been the youth leader at our church for the past 6 years. I have taught children in Sunday School or Children’s Worship Service since I was 19 years old. I have always enjoyed children; they are a delight. I think they are a gift from God and bring so much joy into your life. I think it is a mandate from God to teach the children in the ways of the Lord. We are blessed with 4 children. Our oldest son, Hugh, is married to his lovely wife, Yum, and lives in Nairobi, Kenya. Our middle son, Aaron, lives and works in Dallas and desires to work as a firefighter. Our daughter, Candice works with the child welfare system and lives with her husband, Cody, in the Henderson County area. And our youngest daughter, Annalise, lives at home with us. Her job is to keep us laughing, she is 4.

It has always been mine and my husband’s desire to impact the next generation for Christ. Because we know that it is through Christ and following His commands and directives that the world will be a happier and better place to live. Following Christ gives a person peace and helps them to be a more stable and fulfilled person.   

About 4 years ago in the month of November I started praying about the Lord using us in a bigger way.  I prayed, “Lord if there is a child or children who need a good home, we could be that home, but you’re going to have to just drop them right into our laps.”  A year later we went to buy my daughter Candice a new car (she was 19) and while buying that car I made a comment in front of the salesman like, “I wish it was this easy to get little kids, you just say I’ll take two of those. Fill out the paperwork and go home.” And he said, “Are you looking for a kid? Because I know a man who has a little girl he’s looking for a home for.”  My husband and I looked at each other and said, “Well give him our name and number and if he wants to meet us we would be glad to meet him.”  That very night the man came to meet us and within about a week we had a new baby girl! And within 6 weeks we were her forever family! Amazing, how God works!! I prayed that prayer the month before our little girl was born! And a year later she was in our home! 

I felt like that wasn’t the end. And I felt like God was calling us to more. I didn’t know if that was to adopt more children, foster children, or open a children’s home but I began to pray about it. One day, at our church, a man was congratulating us on getting Annalise. I said to him, “Yeah I know the Lord isn’t through with us. I don’t know what He wants us to do but I know He wants us to do more.” Sometime later that man went to pastor the church in Trinidad. There were 4 people still in attendance there. Those 4 people voted to not continue services because of the lack of attendance. Wayne and the church members began to pray about what to do with the building. He said as he prayed every time the Lord would bring Hugh and I to his mind. He talked to the remaining church members about what the Lord had laid on his heart and they were all in agreement with him. At that time Wayne approached Hugh and I about his feeling that we should turn the church into a children’s home. He said he had already talked to the church members about the idea and asked us if we would like to go see the church. My husband was doubtful but when we walked into the church we could both see how it was built in a way that would be ideal for a children’s home. We were excited and knew that the Lord was leading us in this direction! 

Our prayer for each child that passes through the home that they may come to know Christ as their personal savior and friend. That He will give them the joy and peace that only He can bring. And that they will live their lives in a way that will be pleasing to the Lord God.